A mashup is simply a combination of two forms, like photography and painting for example. Mashups have been created in basically every creative form you can think of. They take one or multiple elements of one thing, and ‘mash’ it together with the elements of something else. Music, movies, photography, painting, websites, applications…anything you can think of will probably have been used for a mashup. When I thought of a mashup I thought of music; two artists working together, or a parody. One thing I didn’t think of was an internet mashup. This is something we were introduced to in the last Digital Media session. An internet mashup is basically an application that combines two elements of different websites; a hybrid of information and the presentation of such information. For example, an application that uses your Facebook friends and creates a map of where they all live. The mashups I have previously come across have mostly been for entertainment purposes, but mashups exist in every sphere possible and for every use imaginable.


Mashable has compiled a list of the ‘100 best’ internet mashups around. So enjoy: Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools and Mashups.


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