With the original theme I chose, there was a header relating to the name of the theme, or the company that designed this theme. I knew I needed to create my own header to use in place of this; a simple piece of text. I knew I could use some form of phrase or quote, but I decided to just use my name, because that’s what the blog is about isn’t it? Next decision to make was the font and the way it looked. I know I can alter this at a later date, but it makes much more sense to design one I am happy with and stick with it. I intend to use the same header within my main website also to tie the two together in a professional way.  I didn’t want anything fancy, so I just used Microsoft Word to try out different versions of my name and different fonts I could use. I knew I didn’t want anything over the top; swirly or hard to read, so that helped to narrow down my choice. I started just changing them but I realized how stupid this was. I needed to list them all side by side so I could compare them properly.

This is the font and style I have settled on:




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