Examples of Mashups

By far the creepiest mashup I’ve ever seen is ‘Take this Lolipop’, a video mashup that uses your facebook information and photographs and places them in a film of a guy sitting in a dirty building looking through photos of you. Scary stuff. If you follow it on youtube there are hundreds of videos showing peoples reactions to this, and as you can imagine they are all equally as scared. Here is a video of the mashup, but just imagine you are Liz Kilmas.

Next on the list is ‘police.uk’. This one is worrying but it a much more realistic way, depending on where you live. This mashup combines crime statistics across the UK and Google maps. Simply type in your postcode and voilà, an interactive map showing the crimes that have taken place in a year in your area. Depending where you live this is either comforting or very, very worrying.

TubeGraph: When you’re watching a YouTube video that runs for ten boring minutes only to have an interesting ending 30 seconds, graph it. TubeGraph lets it’s users rate the videos as they watch them on a graph, which then shows you the average enjoyment throughout the video. Boring beginning, exciting end. This is a video about a monkey pulling a dogs tail, and it’s average rating.

LMGTFY: Let me Google that for you is one I’ve used before and I found it hillarious, but I didn’t know it counted as a mashup. But, the mashup awards say it is, so who am I to argue. For the people who ask stupid questions, you type it in here and it gives you a link to a interactive shot of a mouse typing in the question and clicking ‘search’ and asking them if that was so difficult. Brilliant.


Find my Friends: This is an IPhone app someone told me about that I’m not too keen on. Download the app and it plots all your friends locations on a form of Google maps as long as you have their number. Rather stalkerish. But, it is a fast growing favorite of parents, understandably. 


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