Blog alterations.

Understanding HTML. As part of our website development, we are running a second blog alongside. By opening a blog through the website you are given many more options of themes to use, more options as to how to edit the chosen themes, and access to the CSS style allowing you to completely alter the theme, as long as you know how. In order to fully understand the use of CSS, I have been playing around with different theme styles to the best of my ability. To begin with I chose an attractive blog theme, which proved pretty difficult for a beginner to alter.

I did attempt to alter multiple aspects of this theme, however I found myself all in a muddle and with nothing looking any different. So I decided to simplify the problem I faced. I chose a much simpler theme to begin, in order to give myself the chance of understanding the CSS editor much more and see a real difference in the effect I can have. So, here is my second choice of theme. Plain, simple and easy to understand.

So after cutting out all the confusion, I began playing around with the font size, the type of font, the background color; all the simple things I could change by altering the CSS. Between each alteration I saved and previewed the blog in order to better understand which part of the code changed which element of the page. And to make sure I wasn’t making a big mess and getting myself in a muddle again. Switching the alignment of the columns was something I wish I could claim as my CSS skills, but this was a theme option I chose. From here, I began trying to alter the width of the columns however. I struggled with this, because in each column there were three width options; the header, the content and the shading around the box itself. When I was doing this I would change the numerical values to something ridiculous, like changing 5px to 50px so that when I previewed the change it was completely obvious what I had just changed. By only changing one thing at a time it meant I could go back and change it back to what it was, or a more suitable size if I was changing what I wanted to change. This is how I managed to get the headers to join, something I actually really liked.

Once I had figured out the values for the header, I was able to change the width to match the second column header to make a much more aesthetically pleasing blog, with the two columns connected.

Changing the width to fill that useless bit of space:

Choosing a plain background to add a more dynamic feel to the blog. I chose to keep the simple color scheme already used on the blog because I didn’t want anything too overwhelming. I will need it to be similar to my website itself if they are linked, and I intend for that to be very plain and simple.

From this point I think I have a more developed understanding of the CSS editor, and from here I decided to go back and challenge myself with the original blog theme I chose, and to see if I had what it takes to make a real difference to that.


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