Alongside the module running over this term, PICBOD is being taken online by Matt Johnson and Jonathan Worth, allowing people from all corners of the World to take part in the undergraduate course online.

#picbod (Picturing the body) is a BA (Hons) Photography second year undergraduate class run by Jonathan Worth at Coventry University in the UK. The course’s core tenet is the development of a sustainable practice for the students, key to which is the investigation of contemporary photographic practices and their implications for the medium as a whole.

This class sits midway through the second year of the course and in a practical sense it is the first time our students experience the broader photographic community being invited into their classroom.

The ten weeks are structured so as to address complex aesthetic, creative and technical issues along with the visual messages,  associated with the photographic encounter with the body.

We do this through simple practical and thematic tasks, the cumulative resolution of which, become their final lens based submissions.

An essential part of this will be non-paying attendees (you) joining in with us, submitting your work, asking questions and contributing answers.

For our attending degree students the class plays a crucial role in both their thematic and practical development. It’s purpose then is to inspire, challenge and maybe even provoke them into producing a number of considered and cogent (outward facing) photographic responses.

The addition of an online community will broaden our personal understanding of the work we view, exposing us to a wider variety of information and opinions regarding the work we view and submit. With over four hundred followers taking part in the course, it is crucial for the session notes and set tasks to be constantly updated and controlled in order to allow both the online students and University students to remain on the same level throughout the ten week course.

The understanding and use of social media with regards to ‘spreading the word’ is essential, allowing more and more people to become aware of the opportunies made available to them by the work of Matt Johnson and Jonathan Worth, and their commitment to the course. The use of both Twitter and Facebook allows the #PICBOD seminars to be shared with more and more people.

It is my responsibility this semester to update the Facebook page at regular intervals, keeping the separate branches of followers up to date on the workshops and preset tasks that are taking place. Through this I hope to encourage the followers to share their work via the   PICBOD website and share feedback with each other to help explore the way their work is viewed and further developments that could be made.


Below are the links to each social media site regarding the PICBOD open undergraduate class.




Join the class, share it with other photography enthusiasts, explore the work of different photographers alongside people from all over the World.


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