Xevi Muntane.

I was talking about creating an ‘ENTER’ page for my website; this by far is the coolest one I’ve seen.


You’ll have to click on it to see. Very modern, very eye-catching. Whereas most annoy me, this one completely grabbed my attention and excited me for what I’d find on the website. Then once you get into the main navigation page, you find a playful list which swirl round all over the place when you click on one. The only downfall is it may be difficult to view on a slower computer or on a phone, but right now I couldn’t really care. I’m mesmerized. One thing I worried about was, with such a long list forgetting which ones you had seen an getting frustrated by getting stuck looking at each page again and again. But! Turning white after you’ve seen it fixes that. Simple.


When you go through to the images, there is a scroll bar with all the images laid our next to each other. This is a smooth and fluid menu, but again my only concern is how well it works with a slower internet connection. Once they have loaded however, scrolling between the images without having to wait for them to load separately works wonderfully.

One thing I will say however, is if you know what you’re looking for it’s not too easy to find. I came across an image of his and I was hoping to see more from the same set. Yet the lack of alphabetical order in the menu proves a bit of a nightmare. The image I was looking for was this, a stunning shot of River Viiperi.

The slight over exposure caused by the light streaming through the window makes the subject look rather angelic; with no deep or dark shadows over the body, the tones over his body are very light. The over exposure reduces the detail over the chest, leaving only the slight shadows created by his muscular figure to give an impression of the form. As apposed to a strongly contrasted image, this, like the work of Philip Riches allows the depiction to create a soft and gentle atmosphere, showing the muscular form in a  gentle stance instead of a strong and tensed posed position. The laid back stance leaves the relaxed muscular figure to speak to appear both strong and gentle.


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