Philip Riches

I came across a piece of Riches work while searching for a Jo Spence piece, however unlikely. After visiting his website I became very intrigued by his work. A lot of his work explores the human form, both male and female in the studio setting. One set I was particularly caught by was his short series of Janice Fronimakis, a Deutch model. 


His use of lighting to add depth and tone to the body in a way that makes me picture a sculpture; as if someone has spent hours crafting each and every indent. The way his body has been posed made me think he was a sportsman, as from my knowledge it is generally sportspeople who are photographed in such a strong and powerful way. This is a broad generalization with regards to portraits of sportspeople, but most of what I see focuses on their physical abilities. For example the Annie Leibovitz image I added a few blog posts ago. The contrast within this image between the fluidity of his motion and the strength is intriguing. With muscular figures the preconception is for them to be strong and masculine. The poses employed within this work is very soft and poetic, as though he has been photographed during a dance piece. 


What catches me about this work is the grey tones set against a grey background. Strong contrasting tones are what I have mostly seen in this type of work in order to bring out a stronger depth in the skin. Having the body set against grey as apposed to a stark black or white creates a much more subdued feeling within the work.A softer atmosphere is portrayed as his figure is not fighting against the background the stand out, his form is gently set in the frame. 


As well as being an inspirational artist to focus on within the PICBOD assignment, after viewing his website I want to tie it into the Design Media brief. His website is a complete summary of the simplicity I want to achieve within my own website when I finally get round to designing it. 


The simplicity of the grey block with the scrolling work underneath is aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to see a preview of the work you are viewing next. The scroll works seamlessly, with the plain colour scheme following through from the background into the font. The greyscale allows the images to stand out from the page without being overwhelmed by a strong color scheme. One factor I am really keen on is the dimmed tones in the images across the bottom aside from the one you are viewing, as in many websites I have viewed these also distract from the image. 

The choice of categories intrigues me, and I would like to know how he decides the difference between his ‘Love’ and ‘Sex’ category. By not having an ‘about me’ section, he allows his work to speak for itself instead of listing his qualifications and past employment. This is something that caught my eye, as I tend to struggle finding what to write in this section. 

The image shown within the printscreen is another example of his beautiful work. This piece was categorized under Love. 


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