Picturing the Body; what I know.

When I think about the title ‘Picturing the Body’, I think of two types of work. Either the raw quality and intimate work of artists such as Nan Goldin and Jo Spence, or the carefully posed and perfectly lit work of Annie Leibowitz and before her Edward Weston. These are probably the two extremes of this genre, with everything else fitting somewhere in between. The carefully planned and posed nudes, with lighting arranged to accentuate certain features on the body takes the form out of the life and views the body as more of a object as apposed to a person. The raw  images created however, like in the case of Nan Goldin seem to focus more on the intimacy created between two bodies, the relationships formed and the comfort of their forms. Many also explore the relationship between the subject and their own body like in the work of Jo Spence, who explores the understanding of the female form and her own struggle with acceptance.


I will research further into each of these photographers works and others who work in a similar way as I get further into the project.


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