Basic Ideas

To help me get all my ideas out, as silly as it sounds I start mind-mapping on my wall. It helps me look at everything physically in front of me and helps me process it better. But I figured instead of leaving it all behind the door I’d add it all in here so I have no excuse for exploring each idea a little further until I find one that sticks.

Digital Play: 

music, black eyed pea video (visual black screen, bright colors)

retro games, consoles, characters, graphics

online gaming, tetris, bingo, bejeweled (social aspect of gaming)

digital enjoyment (e-books top search results)

Youtube! Youtube video frame

retro game characters in the place of gta4 etc. Old vs. New




Digital Rest:

Car Tv

Telephone with words, sounds, characters spreading from the end

Alarm Clock with music notes etc spreading from the top


music: digital devise vs. old school

megaphone, juke box-giant iphone instead


Digital Work:

work: profit, job, responsibilites

commisioned, advertising


“hungry for information” A person with a giant hoover kind of thing in the face with information going in?

equipment: computer, old vs. new



I noticed that I had two main ideas running throughout. A digital manipulation of an image representing the connection etc, things you can’t physically see.

Old vs. New, digital vs. Analogue.




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