Website Design

Although I have a pretty set idea of what style I want to create for my website, I decided to explore different photographers websites in order to get a more solid understanding of what I think works and doesn’t work.

First off, discussing flash. Websites that use flash have a very appealing and professional look, however this is all deemed pointless when you get frustrated at the load time. The better your internet connection the faster it is, but not everyone has superfast broadband. I need to make a site that is approachable for everyone. I have selected a choice few of websites I’ve viewed to discuss further.

Matt Stuarts website is one I find very user-friendly. It is simple, easy to navigate and allows his work to speak for itself instead of drowning in a fancy web design. The simple color scheme creates a background that is suitable for each image, that does not clash with any of the color images which could reduce the overall effectiveness of the image. The white central block set against the charcoal background creates a classic frame for each image as they are viewed large.

One thing I would like though after viewing this website is a page that does not require you to scroll down in order to see the full image. If the website is a fixed length to an average screen size it will allow the users to skip between images easily without having to scroll down for each image to view it completely.


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