Digital Media: Research

In order to advertise my photographic ability and establish myself as a brand within the professional World, I first need a website. A website will allow me to easily show prospective clients/employers a sample of my work in a simple and appealing way. As apposed to my blog where I am constantly posting work from my course and bits of research, my website will be a simple platform of my contact details and a well chosen selection of my work to best advertise my skills and diverse ability.

A website is an easy thing to get wrong. It is the first impression of me that will be given, so the website down to the design will reflect on me and lead to me either attracting or loosing prospective clients. I have seen countless photographers/artists websites and have a general idea of what it is that makes a good or a bad site.


1. Simple navigation

2. ‘Enter’ Page ;This is something I really like on a website but I need to ask around to see what others think.

3. Plain colours.

4. Simple layout.

5. Loading time; as I am presenting photographs I need to find a way to show them that won’t take forever to load each image.

6. Bold titles.

7. Simple about me section.

8. Easy to read on a mobile device; no flash

9. Easy to remember web address

10. If using a logo, a minimalistic one.


The way I intend to design my website will be a simple yet effective style. Bold writing, a plain background and easy to view pictures. I think overly busy websites confuse you as to where to look. In some cases a quirky design can be very appealing, but I’m not a web designer. I’m not trying to show off my ability to design a web page, I’m advertising my work. So a simple web design will be the most effective way to do this as it will make viewing easy and it will not distract from the pictures.



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