First Fashion Shoot

As a starting point to the work experience module, I accepted a fashion shoot with Kye working with a fashion student from Birmingham University. She has developed a clothing range made from leather that is to be sold over the internet. We chose to work together on this shoot, as we were both slightly adamant about our first fashion ‘client’. Working together also enabled us to give her different perspectives as we both took the model and brief slightly differently and had different ideas of poses. As for it being our first studio shoot it took the pressure off each us, as we could work as a team and support each other.

The model in question was a bit unsure of how to react in front of the camera, making it our responsibility to direct her into poses that would suit the style of the clothing. The items were all made from leather, and had a very hard look which meant the style of photography had to mimic this.


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By using just one camera and taking it in turns to use it, it meant that we each had time to sit back and observe the shoot, allowing us to come back to it with a fresh eye. It also gave the ‘client’ two slightly different perspectives, as our interpretation of the clothing and the poses that would suit were different.



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