This shoot has been pretty impulsive. After giving up on the jug idea as it was too similar to someone else’s work, I had to go back to find a new idea. I was thinking about the sewing theme I was going to use, such as the bobbins and thimbles falling out of the jug and how I could carry on with that. After a cup of tea and a time to collect my thoughts I decided to work more into the sewing theme. I found an antique sewing machine, paired with very dated scissors, thread reels, popper boxes, needles etc. These all tie into quite a vintage theme which is popular right now. Most of the things I collected all fit well into a vintage theme. I anted to create a sewing table, as if someone was making the scarf, and they had just walked off for a moment. I set up the scene with a lace tablecloth, all of my bits and bobs, an antique cup and saucer. I also found a sideplate and a cake folk. I chose to add a piece of fruit cake because it fits into the time. The lamp was chosen as to make it a much quieter environment as opposed to a ‘set’. I wanted to create the appearance of a backroom table.


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