Professional Experience: Proposal

In order to expose my photographic talent and increase my chances of employability once I have left University, it is important to begin gaining experience within the professional World.
As opposed to aiming at a job within an already prosperous photographic company, a fellow student and I have agreed to begin our own practise. Setting up a Stills Production Company requires a detailed business plan to work successfully. We have previously decided on a name for the company after deciding on a selection and using a social media platform in order to poll the most popular, and most likely to be used. After creating a name we have set up joint email accounts and intend to acquire a business mobile phone in order to separate business enquiries from our social calls, as to answer the phone in a professional way with each call. A website is in the process of being created, and a business domain will be purchased. Business cards will be designed, each with a different image shown on the back, which will allow us to present a card showing our work relating to the individual client’s needs. These simple steps will present a more professional front to prospective clients.
The next step to be followed is acquiring business and contacts within the event World. Working on a volunteer basis to begin with will help us to build up a positive reputation and to gain a wide range of contacts with prospective clients. It will also provide us with an extended experience level of working within a range of different environments. We have created a prospective plan as a starting point for business. This will understandably change as we cannot predict the outcome of each point. Our intended beginning:
• Local night clubs to offer event photography
• Local schools for prom photography
• Advertise for event portraits; christenings, weddings etc.
• Portfolios for prospective models
• Birthday Parties
• Experience days for local junior schools

We have a number of events already lined up for work; two weddings, a christening and a contract for a cupcake company requiring tempting shots for their website.
Aside from this, I have been accepted to the Karlstad University in Sweden for the spring term. I intend to create a project from this experience, documenting through video, photography and literature. This will be carried out with the other students attending, and galleries approached upon return in order to exhibit the work. The change in culture will be the main focus of the set-project, and the extensive journey and interesting characters sought out during the trip to provide further insight into the culture.


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