Scarf Shoot#2

For the second task within our fashion project, the brief is to photograph the scarves in a more conceptual way without using a model. I have been thinking about this brief a lot, and haven’t had much success with regards to ideas. When I am struggling like this I would have liked to have been able to look at some examples of others work, but as it is a pretty hard thing to track down I haven’t found any examples of anything similar. So I considered working with water, as I created a whole project around the effects that can be obtained when submerging items. I felt that was a successful project, as that by submerging the scarves I would be able to create some very dream-like pieces of work. However, after talking to other photographers in the group I’ve found that more than one of them has planned to do the same thing. Although our work would all be different, I think it has pushed me to think up a new concept as opposed to revisiting an old one.
So for this shoot, I don’t have a general concept as such, instead I have an idea of certain images I would like to try and create.
The first is a still life image of a white jug with the scarf pouring out like water. I came up with this idea when after coming across the jug and I just popped into my head. I want to also involve some sewing equipment, like thread rolls, thimbles etc. around the scarf as if they’re pouring out too.
The second idea was to think about the origami people do with napkins. I was thinking about looking at the different shapes that can be made and setting up a still life based around that.
Third, is to create silhouettes behind the scarf, having it hung up in front of the camera
Four. Photographing the scarf in different arrangements against a plain background and then draw over the final image. This will be like an illustrational piece, which I think may be very original and quirky.
My favourite idea at the moment is the photo-manipulation piece, with the jug. I think this might be my best option, as it is a unique idea and will allow me to enhance my Photoshop skills which I haven’t really used much over my time at University. I’m unsure of the background I want yet, although I know I want it to be pink. I think the pink tones will be a fitting background with the ‘cuteness’ of the jug. At first I was really excited for this idea, but now I’m losing faith in my ability and whether it will look like how I imagine. I hope so. To do this then I will have to photograph each element on their own and combine them in Photoshop.


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