SWOT Analysis: Weaknesses

The main weakness that has become clear through the SWOT analysis that I feel needs to be addressed is my ability to easily converse with others. This issue has a root cause through low confidence, which will need to be tackled in order to improve my chances of employability and my success in the field of photography. Being able to converse with your model and keep them at ease is an important aspect of the photographic career, as the images produced are only as successful as the model themselves. Helping them to feel relaxed and comfortable on the shoot is of great importance to the quality of work produced. In the case of most of the work that has been described to us, the lead photographer has admitted the best images are captured when the model has completely let their guard down. Another significant reason to have a confident nature is in order to leave a lasting impression on the people you are working with. If you are able to enter the set and be confident with your abilities and stay calm and collected during the photo shoot then you will leave a very positive impression on those you are working with. In an industry where reputation is everything, this is a weakness that desperately needs to be altered.

I do not have a set portfolio, which I would feel comfortable presenting to possible clientele.

As a photographer, it will not always be in the studio setting in which shoots are organised. Location photography can be much more intriguing than that of the studio. As I can’t drive, this will limit where I can get to, and also the amount of equipment I can take.

One further weakness is my lack of language skills. I am only fluent in English, which has the possibility of becoming very detrimental to my career as a photographer. Only being fluent in one language will reduce the possible clientele I can work with throughout my career.

Competing with the many other photographers today in order to be noticed.


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