Working in collaboration with the fashion students in order to photograph their designs was a unique project. It gave me the opportunity to work in a situation mimicking a real contracted shoot. The limitation on location, and being told we could not work within the studio setting pushed me to consider a location that related well to the concept behind each of my group mates designs. Through my photographic work, this occasion is my first real attempt at commercial work. This meant I was slightly unsure of my skill level when entering this project, however by the third shoot I felt very confident with the quality of work I was producing. A high fashion shoot entails strong direction and a well thought out plan. Learning to plan a shoot and not just ‘go with the flow’ has meant I thought seriously about the desired outcome, leading to decisions about pose, lighting and props. The lighting I chose for the third shoot was intended to highlight the scarf, whilst softening the overall effect. Listing the desired poses meant that the shoot was productive and organised, meaning the model was getting clear directions and also understood what the desired outcome for each image would be.

The issue that arose with my one group mate was an unfortunate downfall, however I did my utmost to arrange an alternative time in which the shoot could take place. Working within a group is obviously going to involve compromise, and despite the frustration I felt, I am glad of the opportunity to learn how best to handle a new and stressful situation. The short time frame was the ultimate cause of this issue. Knowing the limited time we would be given to actually carry out the shoot pushed us to be more organised in our planning, so that by time the students had access to their scarves we knew exactly when, where and what we were doing. The one student however struggled to find a location, and after suggestions were deemed too far to travel it led to an unorganized struggle. As the other two students had decided on all this in advance, it took a lot of the stress out of the final week in which the shoots took place. Through the struggle I gained experience dealing with a demanding client, and that unfortunately there will not always be a solution to every problem. This will be an important lesson to take into my career; the importance of compromise and the understanding that it is not always possible. This encouraged me to appreciate the positive effects of a calm work environment, and the high productivity that comes out of a shoot where me and the designer are working in unison through the collaboration.

For each shoot, the styling was left to the fashion student, photography and editing was done by me. Poses was decided between both of us.


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