We seem to have hit a bit of a wall. Toya has asked me to do her photoshoot at the same time I have organised Andreea’s. I offered her the possibility of either meeting her after Andreea’s, or working with her all day Thursday. Neither of these options seemed viable, and she suggested taking the photographs herself, or asking a second photographer to do the work.

This obviously led to a discussion in which Andreea had to clarify our pre-planned shoot, and I had to clarify that the project brief states this as a group project, with the aim being to test our ability of collaboration. She approached a girl on my course, Genea Bailey to do her shoot as she will be in the location at that time, taking photographs for her group.

Again I offered her the two alternative times I can work with her, however I haven’t heard back from her since. I am aware she has gone ahead and photographed her own shoot.

This has been a very frustrating downfall, as the research put into the shoot could have been spent with my other groupmates. The failure to compromise on a time and place that suits us both has been greatly detrimental to this project. I hope the work produced from the other two shoots will be strong enough to counteract this. Having a fellow photographer told that I was uninterested in the shoot was very disheartening. However, throwing myself into today’s shoot with Andreea will help that.


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