Andreea has sent me an image of the type of setting she wants her work to be in. Aside from being very intimidating, it is giving some inspiration.

Andreea is very excited about her shoot, which we have organised for Wednesday morning. I have booked out two Bowen lights; I intend to set one up as a soft box aimed down over the subject, and a spotlight from a front side angle.

Andreea Fertigan: I need pillows and i wanted to find a clock but couldn t, also i dont have enough books here so i had to get some..and a nice throw. i need to decide abou what she’s gonna wear but i have tonight..i think i have too many ideas so just need to clear my head cause i dont want to do too much..so it would be a visually chaos. no worries, i will get everything sorted out haha :)) well we could meet at 12 with you and the model at uni and we all come together here. i ll make tea and coffee for you.


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