Tim Walker is the photographer I’ve been given as inspiration for the first fashion shoot. So I’ve brought him up online to have a look at what I’ve got to live up to. Firstly, I love this guy. Intriguing and unique, his work is the kind of thing you can’t stop looking at. He has a characteristic dull tone to all his images, yet the subjects are obviously vibrant before alterations. His work has a very dream-like quality which is mostly achieved through the change of tones from realistic to subdued. The content of his images, in some cases slightly remind me of Andy Warhol in concept, through the use of exaggerated popular items; over sized sunglasses, a set filled with cakes etc.

The other side of his work can be described as nothing short of fairytale imitation. Still keeping his characteristic dull tones, his subjects become more dream-like and fascinating. Each image seems to paint it’s own story in our imagination, and it is undeniable that his work seems to take on its own personality. After researching Annie Leibowitz recently and becoming obsessed with youtube videos showing her behind the camera and how she works, I’m desperate to find the same for Tim Walker. I think watching them helps you understand their work and personality so much more, and to relate better to them. It takes the scary perfection away from the work, and reminds you that it is just a man with a camera and a bunch of lights and props.


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