Shoot#1 Plan

Me and this fashion student have worked together very well throughout this whole process. Her initial idea was changed, however she had a very clear idea what she wanted her final images to look like. We have worked together to plan specific shots, poses, props.

Through multiple conversations we have been presenting our personal research to each other and discussing the good and bad aspects of the work and the elements we wanted to draw inspiration from.

We have two shoots arranged.

1# Place: Field. Make-up: Bright. Poses: Playful. Props: Balloons, flowers, umbrella.

This shoot will be drawing inspiration from Tim Walker mainly, as she values his style and unique twist on the normality of a photoshoot. The contrast of the bland tones in the field and the bright, playful atmosphere the props will bring is what we are trying to achieve. The space will also give us the freedom of arranging the props, and recreate the impression of a childlike play-time in the garden.

2# Place: Wendyhouse. Make-up: Bright. Poses: Sophisticated. Props: non.

The second shoot is a chance for us to concentrate the attention on the scarf, while still incorporating a playful tone into the images. The brightness of the make-up paired with the colours in the scarf will be very well matched. The playhouse was the students original choice of location, however I introduced the idea of the field later on. She was adamant about the playhouse, so we decided to use both. The concept behind this location is again tying into the child-like theme the student based her scarf pattern on. This playhouse is intended to work along the same lines as Tim Walker again.


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