We have heard a new brief through the grape vine. As of now we believe we are to plan one shoot with all three scarves assembled together on one model.

Andreea Fertigan i have an idea about how we re gonna fit the shoot into everyone’s work if everyone is aware of how we re supposed to wrap them around the body. we can do several pictures with everyone’s scarf as a central piece of interest on the body and choose from there whichever looks the best,..and the rest we ll put them in our sketchbooks..idk if that sounds good to you guyts but it s all i can think about.

Josie Sutton we just need a location! I think looking for somewhere indoors might be wizer at this stage, because if we’ve only got one day and it’s raining…Although that might look good but wtev. So I think we should sort an inside and an outside option for weds so we’re not tied down by the weather. In Ellen Terry there are beautiful tall windows in a room upstairs, and bare brick, rough walls in the basementy bit. either of them tickle your fancy?

A new plan, a new location, a single shoot. I feel this is going to be much less successful as apposed to the three shoots. However, if this is the brief then who are we to argue.


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