Toya Brown: Yea I wanna take my photo by some tree’s so it looks really nature like if u get wat I mean, but if u think there’s apart of ur location that’s got that kind of nature theme to it then I don’t mind using that location aswel, up2 u 🙂 x

As Jess’ shoot is taking place in the Shirley area, I know of a very intriguing wood which would be perfect for Toya’s shoot. We set about trying to arrange for her to meet us, as Jess offered to ask her model to do both shoots on the same day.

Josie Sutton: you can get a train from moor street to shirley, then it’s not a far drive to the Lakes. I’ll try and find somewhere in cov instead if you like. And I will ask around for a model

Toya Brown: I’m going to try and find somewer in cov instead cuz I think shirleys abit out the way for me.. And thanks I’ll ask around for a model aswel see if I get any luck 😦


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