Our first group discussion, the topic? Location.

Andreea Fertigan: a suggestion.. i have one room in the attic of my house…very small and very retro..at least it feels like. it would be really easy to empty it and use some stuff for decor..like a lot of toys,books, lamps.. books and toys. the light is very good as it comes from a window in the roof. basically rebuilding a childhood room…? a very intimate world.smth like that.

Andreea Fertigan: forgot to say. cant move the bed but maybe we can use it.maybe we could get a very nice throw..again..depend what you want the room to look like. if u guys think you dont want a bed, ill ask around to see if i can find an attic cause i really like the idea .and for decor was thinking to go for a bit of charity/ car boot sales shopping session to get some pretty good stuff. however, send your suggestions if u think u want smth different xxx 😀

Josie Sutton: I think you guys should think of a different location each that ties into your style of scarf, because we want them to all be unique. I think The New York one, Jess, should be somewhere in a town but very juxtaposed to New York, somewhere run down and rough. The attic would be perfect for Andreea’s because yours is bright and playful, so it would fit in well with a fun and bright set up. I’m not sure about yours Toya but as it’s aztec, outside in a ruin or maybe an overgrown field? That’s what I was thinking anyway, let me know what you think. jess: like with the model looking really stylish like you could picture them walking round NY.

There has been some confusion between all four of us as to whether we are expected to have one shoot or three. I have been trying to encourage the students to use different locations based on the style and concept behind their work. Andreea has a very set idea at this point of what her location will be, which makes her a pleasure to work with. From now I will aim to organize the individual locations with the other two students.


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