Summer task: revisit and expand on three topics seen in first year.

Intimacy. Experimentation. Culture.

Experimentation will relate with regards to the first project of the year. I have been exploring the ways of altering an image, both post and pre-production without the aid of digital software. For example, the lens caps, flash bounce, coffee, frying them (clearly not my best idea) etc. Sunprints. They were pretty hard to nail down.

Culture. British culture. Seaside culture. Seedy culture. Gambling, drinking, wasting. I photographed a seaside resort for this title, but after going into a casino decided on another route. I used m selotape filter to create a very dream-like presence, paired with low exposure in order to enhance the colours and unnatural light of the machines. Martin Parr would have been so proud.

For my picbod work I explored the concept of intimacy between two people. Here I expanded that into what represents the intimacy. The space between. I remembered a photographer who, as a portrait of his father photographed his watch. My set is based around the same concept as this. The objects we treat with such a careful devotion because they have become a physical object which encompasses all the love and devotion we feel to one person or to a memory.


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