Mizpah is a Hebrew word, one that has come to mean a lot to several generations in my family. A mizpah ring has a very special meaning and symbolism behind it.

Quote: The term Mizpah is found in the Bible in Genesis Chapter 31, Verse 49 that refers to Mizpah as a watchpost, symbolising a place of sanctuary. It refers to when Jacob and Laban agree at Gilead to a Godsent peace, and they build a memento of stone and named it like their wise covenant MIZPAH, saying, “May The Lord watch between me and thee when we are absent one from another”.

Mizpah rings have been a gift within our family on a 21st birthday. They hold a lot of meaning, and through loss and sadness have remained very close to our hearts. This is the special bond the word encompasses, one that I would like to document.

Copyright Josephine Sutton


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