The third project I intended to visit was intimacy through space and objects, but it occurred to me that we covered this during the first weeks of term also, through ‘precious object’. Simple. I have long since thought that mine was a bit naff, so revisiting it is a bit of a treat. I intend however, to view other subjects valuable items, not my own.

This project brings me back to a very peculiar image I remember from last term, in which a photographer did a portrait of his father. His father sadly died in Hiroshima, if I’m remembering correctly. His portrait of his father was not a subject portrait, but an image taken of his watch face. Because as a small boy, the photographer always had the watch at eye level and remembered it dearly. I wish I could remember his name. His piece is an example of the connections I was previously talking about; the connections between an object and our emotions, and how we transfer our emotions onto a certain object to allow ourselves a physical object to protect in the way we can’t with a memory or feeling.


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