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4 thoughts on “Destruction.

    • Yes I looked at yours on your website a few weeks ago, loved them. I tried loads of things as well, it’s not as easy as people think destroying them!! Most things I tried didn’t really have much of an effect, but the way I did these was frying them. Hot oil and put them in. It takes a few tries to figure out the time and what’s going to happen, and make sure you wear some kind of mask because I was really ill after from the fumes ha. If you take them out just after they’ve started bubbling, let them cool a bit and do it again it stops them popping but still has the edges coming away. I want to do it again and try to peel the image off the backing paper.

  1. Sounds brilliant! Would you mind if I gave it a go sometime? I’ll be sure to refer to you in my research 😉 You should have a go at bleaching – again, the timing and amounts you figure out as you go along and afterwards you need to soak it in water to remove all bleach residue and stop the destructive process but I like the various effects you can do when you start to understand it, it can be quite painterly… Burning was fun but yes, the popping I’m not sure about. Were there light leaks on the images already or was that effect created by frying too?

    • of course! That was from frying. Face down the oil starts to strip away the layers of color. So the ones that were in for too long were just yellow. This one was bent over in the heat so it was just that strip that changed. I will definitely try bleaching, I want to try and transfer some prints onto glass at some point I thought of maybe doing a larger print onto glass for the final for picbod. But just remember to wear a mask if you’re frying them!! And open a window 😀

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