Job for the day..filters.

I had a bit of a brain explosion last night and scribbled about a million things out on the wall; writing in a book got too frustrating. After a melted-brain-sleep I didn’t really know where to start, and after my helping hand did a runner I decided to start small.

Filters. I want to alter the way the image is taken by messing with the filters and lens’. Just play around really.

I want to try to make a frame around the picture, to kind of work into the idea of squeezing the World into a little frame which is the basic concept of photography, but I want to do it in an obvious way. So I’ve just been trying with different things to see what happens. So far, putting a black frame onto a lens just makes a blurred circly-thing. I think I need the frame to be slightly further away for the lens to capture it properly.

I tried selotape, which I have become a little bit obsessed with. I tried to lay a few jagged edges around the lens to create interesting edges on the image. Instead it’s all blurry again, but I really love the affect it has created. Very dream-like work. Subdued colours aside from the middle that isn’t covered. Have a look.
© Josephine Sutton

That was me sitting nowhere and taking photos of nothing, experimenting.

© Josephine Sutton


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