While I was sat just about nowhere taking photographs of nothing, I tried a few other things that weren’t really as exciting. I tried adding color onto the sellotape, couldn’t see through it. I tried drawing a black frame onto a filter, I tried sticking a black frame made from toilet paper onto the lens but neither of them worked, all I got was a blurry black outliney thing. Rubbish.

Then I picked up my Sooty Projector, which is just as exciting as it sounds. It was basically a slideshow projector with slides from the Sooty and Sweep show. Holding the slides over the lens, now that made some pretty interesting images.

© Josephine Sutton

I just want to find ways of knowingly altering my work without using digital enhancements. Ultimately I want to use what I learn on my film work because I’m not much of a fan of digital, but it is much more beneficial to experiment on digital.

The next little beauty I decided to play with was the hole-punch. I made myself a strange little lens cover from a cereal box, doused it in selotape (a far to common factor this summer) and punched a neat little hole right in the middle. Voila. My home-made lens cover gives images a delectable black frame. Very vintage.


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