‘What’s in a name?’

Now, one thing I have learned from years of trailing through books, websites and countless pieces of work is this: no matter how much you feel for the piece, it’s got a hard job sticking around in that big void unless the name sticks about too. With the millions of images you see every day, how do you remember them?

There is one photographer I remember being really touched by a few years ago. His work was beautiful. Calm photo-collages. I can picture almost every piece in perfect detail. But, I forgot his name. And with it, lost the chance to see his work again unless it is by chance. I can’t upload my mental shot to find him. I lost the name, and with it the work.

My Point? You need a name that will be remembered. Lori Nix. That’s a name you’d remember. I stumbled upon her work a few weeks ago, and one piece in particular has been stuck up there since. Especially now that I am trying to revisit the water-work.

But, with all the rambling I haven’t even really spoke about the piece. Lori Nix. Remember it.



One thought on “‘What’s in a name?’

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