‘View from the Inside’

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These pieces were created to document a personal relationship. I was aiming to create a book, however I felt they would serve better as a series for now due to the nature. Overall I feel they are fair representation, however I would like to continue this thought further and work into our relationship through harder times, and maybe take into consideration a more metaphoric approach. The pieces have been reduced in size to allow them a more united feel, and to allow the pairs to appear as one, instead of being taken as an individual photograph, as I intitally planned to work in coupling the images. I feel they then compliment each other, and bring a stronger depth of understanding than each alone.

Creating a book has a very finalised feel, and I did not wish to restrict myself to this piece alone, I want to continue exploring the ways photography can be used to explore different elements of a relationship.

The strongest piece from this series I feel are the two portraits on either side of the bed. I chose to photograph us separately, as it creates a conflict within the closeness of the stance, and yet the choice of separation between images.


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