Elly Clarke:3

The second piece of work she shared with us was created across the World, travelling on a train for a six day journey that can be done in less than an hour in the air. The project also works both in film and the still image, as she explores the motives of the travellers and their stories along the way. Similar to the first piece she discussed with us, I have struggled to find any evidence of this over the internet to post along side. Working through the aid of a written questionnaire, translators were involved once she returned from her journey to find out just what they were saying. A video of the exhibition conveyed the chaos of the trip itself and the journey in which she went on from planning, recording, translating and editing the footage.

For her final exhibition, three screens conveyed this. A video of the translators as they watched, a video from the window of the train showing the mostly barren landscape, and a video of the interviewees themselves, accompanied with subtitles showing the translated dialogue. See, most would think of simply presenting the final cut, but by involving footage and evidence of her entire journey from start to finish, the experience itself becomes the art. By allowing the viewer to chose where to rest their gaze; which part of her journey to join her on makes it a completely personal experience for all who viewed it, and, in that, allowing each person to really join her on her trip. Whether this is the real art, or the final result is, I can’t tell, but maybe that’s the beauty of it.


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