Benjamin Chesterton guest speaker

Benjamin Chesterton, a bbc documentary producer who has previously founded the company Duckrabbit. His talk is based around the concept of best portraying the voices of his subjects. He describes his struggles through his own work to reach this possibility, and his history of working through both documentary film and photography to try to achieve this. His work has taken him round the World, from Ethiopia to Kenya. This, in itself fascinates me as it simply shows the true passion he has for his work. He discusses the troubles he has seen, and his need to share the problems and voices of those suffering. He moves onto his thought process in the inward fight between the still and moving image, and invites us to discuss the benefits of both, and to truly understand from what his talk is based on.

The still image, as discussed, gives you time to explore the rest of the image as aposed to the moving piece which is dragging you through the storyline instead of letting you make it your own. Every word he says makes sense. The combination of the still and the moving, even if it is simply in an audio form can be much more informative than each alone. The space to create your own storyline, and the deeper feelings and personal experiences that can be transfered through the use of sound creates such a strong atmosphere that is difficult to ignore.

By involving the students in such a two sided conversation he causes us to think more ourselves, as aposed to simply letting it wash over as we may sometimes do in these situations. He continues to show an example of a project he has worked on entitled ‘The Missing’, which can be seen at the link below.


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