Pavel Flegontov

Pavel Flegontov is a photographer I have come across when searching for photographers who work into intimacy also. I can’t find much information on him, but his images are quite striking. They are very intimate pieces, mostly depicting young couples with very interesting light draped over them.

The lighting is key in his work; this being lit along with many others through a blind. The effect this has makes them feel much more enclosed in their personal space together, as though they were shutting the rest of the World out. The dim light also brings out the contrasting colours in the skin and the darkened bed sheets, which adds a sense on simplicity. No faces, only colour defining the two aspects of the photograph. They are, in the majority of those I have come across, very sexual pieces. This differs from the work of Nan Goldin, as her pieces of couples that could be compared to Flegontov’s work appear to have been taken after this kind of affair. The grainy texture brings out a very snapshot style, which makes these pieces (which I assume are posed) seem almost accidental.


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