I have decided to explore the picbod site after remembering Jonathan runs an online class for anyone to partake in. I poked around for a while and came across ‘View from the Inside’. I want to give it a go, and see what kind of results I get. The point behind it is an exploration into a personal relationship. Really though, it could be any relationship; my relationship with my cat even. I want to work with my boyfriend though, because it’s a bit more dynamic that my relationship with my cat, only just. Looking at a personal relationship from a subjective view is quite an interesting concept. Our relationship, for example, seems normal to us. But from an outsiders point of view, if they got to observe how we are when we’re alone tehy may have a completely different opinion. The reaction to this piece may be as interesting as the work itself. I’m going to begin by taking a few photographs and seeing where I go from there. I don’t want to tie myself down to any specifics within this work.

Alongside I’m going to do a little bit of research into artists and photographers that have worked in this style of personal documentary.


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