Chrono Cubist

Photography only lets you capture insants (even long exposures are only blurred insants). So, I hacked the idea of photography, mixing together many photos of the same scene into a single one, slicing and dicing the images and putting them back together chronologically. I call the grammar behind it ‘chrono cubism.’

Diego Kuffer is exactly the photographer I’ve been looking for. He works through the cubist style in his own way, and not in the generic ‘Hockney’ way everyone seems to when try try out this kind of photo-collage. What I find most intriguing about his work is not the concept behind it, but the way in which he puts his pieces together. They seem pixelated as a posed to disjointed. Like when you watch a film on the computer and it starts to freeze and pixelates different bits over a few seconds on filming. I bet if you filmed the street scene for a few minutes then scratched the dvd it was on it would start to lok something like this on the screen.



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