Not David Hockney

Being given a list of art movements and being told to chose one to base a big chunk of this years work on is a bit daunting. I always worry that I’ll end up at a blank wall with something I’m not at all happy with and it’ll be too late to turn back and try another way. First thought: Pop Art. Straight away ideas start popping up and I think about planning a few things out, but it’s too easy. Well not easy, too comfortable. I don’t feel like I’ll be testing myself if I work through something I’ve done. Minimalism, I didn’t really see as a challenge because I’ve done it a few times in my time. Surrealism; I’m a bit of a whiz at photoshop but it really doesn’t appeal to me very much. Post modernism and modernism I still really don’t get, but I was reading an article about these two dark horses that said no one really knows what they are, but you just can’t admit it to anyone. So Cubism.  A lot of thought and time needs to go into a cubist piece, more i think that some of the other movements simply because of how many layers and aspects of the subject you need to consider. I’ve only skimmed over this in the past, so I think it’s a good starting point. Fresh, new. So research is the way to go, especially into photographers that AREN’T David Hockney. I think he’s a talented guy, but I’m absolutely sick of him being practically the only photographer who’s brought up when you try to mention cubism within photography to someone. There must be hundereds of equally good (or better) photographers out there doing a simular thing that AREN’T David Hockney, but no one seems to know them. I’ve had a few ideas for pieces, but I want to give myself a little longer before I tie myself down to a final idea for my work. I have, however, decided on my subject matter. Well, a kind of starting point, but I like to set myself a title before I start thinking up ideas because otherwise they seem to shoot off in every which way and non of them tie together at all and just end up confusing me. So! Title set, movement set. Time to carry on my research.


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