Cubism, like everything else has been crossed over and found it’s place in photography. Photo-collage. I think it’s definitely much harder to make a photography based cubism piece than one that is art based, because with art you’re putting the subject together yourself realistically. With photography you have to take an object, completely as it is, dismantle it and put it back together as a posed to just putting it together, if that makes sense. With art it is easier to seam the different aspects together as you draw them, however it would be quite a bit harder to create such a seamless line with photography. I’ve tried in the past to make a few photo-collage pieces, non of which I really found that impressive. I think probably because I was focusing more the style, and trying to recreate the usual photo-collage rather than focusing on the content and what I was trying to create, instead of the how part. Although, if they helped me to understand the style a little more then it can’t have been a bad thing. I think before I start focusing in on my subject and getting too bogged down with the ideas and concepts, I’m going to try a few pieces just in the style to help me get into it and get some decent ideas brewing once I’ve understood more into how they’re made.


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