Pop Art

A pop art artist that interested me from that show? Easy. Mr Warhol.

Of all the artists that jumped into pop art, Andy Warhol is the one that managed to become a household name. I know that there’s a lot of people that just don’t get why he’s so well known, and why twenty prints of a soup can can constitute as art. But it’s not so much what he was making his work from, it was what it became after he made it. He took things we saw every single day and overlooked, then made them into something that stops you in your tracks. Pop art was simple. They wanted to take out all of the opinions and thought behind art. ‘Taking America and throwing it back in their faces’. Mass media.

‘If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, there I am. There’s nothing behind it.’


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