You think of Cubism, you think of Picasso. It’s just a given. But Cubism has been transferred over to photography, just like every other art movement. This I didn’t really know. I’d looked at the work of David Hockney and those like him hundreds of times, but I’ve never really made the connection with photo-collages and cubism. It completely makes sense though; the idea with art was to take an object or a scene, take it apart, look at it in a million different ways and reassemble all of these views into one ‘complete’ representation of the subject. Same as a photo-collage. Especially in the case of one piece it brings to mind; Hockneys ‘Desk’. Photographing it from every which way and mashing them all together to make something that looks nothing much like a desk, but more like one, because of it. If that makes sense?


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