At a Glance.

This project title, at first seemed very intrusive. I imagined the feelings that I would be feeling if one of the closest people to me disappeared one day and tried to portray this within my work. The set I created was taken in a friends house, the day after she had left for university. I feel the pieces portray a very cold and lonely atmosphere within the house, yet at the same time a very eerie silence. The first image portraying the stairs, I feel this best relates to that description. The pieces made in her bedroom, showing alot of items left behind have a slightly happier feel about them due to the lighter hues, however when related to the title have the same sence of abandonment.

Intimate Life.

I was quite reluctant to start this piece, as I was unsure what was expected of me. I always carry a camera with me, however I was starting to further consideration the images I was making. I created two sets I feel are worthy of this title; one was taken entirely in a day at a child’s birthday party, however the pieces I took I feel encapsulate the relationship between the children and their playful nature. I used a film camera and uploaded them.  I feel the vibrance is already strong within both the subjects and the natural hues of the scene. The second set are from a wider time scale. They were taken throughout the summer, and are a cumulative set of the images I feel have best recorded the close relationships I have with those shown. I shot the majority of these on film. I feel, though they all work so well as individual pieces from different times, they still work well as a set.


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