A Single Man

‘A Single Man.’ Directed by Tom Ford, it is a story based around the struggles of loosing a partner, and being able to find the little joys in life again. Ford is a World Renound fashion designer who is mostly famous for ‘his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house’. So, I guess it goes without saying that the film is not your average watch.

This film is a strong portrayal of love and loss, with the character George Falconer seeming to be written for Firth alone. His polished English etiquette and reserved manners fit the role unquestionably well. This well-groomed Englishman is stereotypically dropped into the place of the mysterious and sophisticated lecturer who attracts a dangerous interest from his students, leading too far into elicit fascination. Julianne Moore’s character, Firth’s only close companion shown in the film after the death of his partner, fills the role with confidence and grasps the delicate destructiveness of her characters alcoholic nature. Their friendship is tender and really very natural. Moore’s character too, is an English expatriate. Their characters fit together perfectly as they both seem to be in their own solitary Worlds. Firth, because of his reserved nature and emotional detachment from those around him, and Moore because she appears to keep herself hidden away in her house, relying on Firth’s character as her only real friend.

The majority of the film is desaturated; dull and seemingly lifeless. In the moments where the George Falconer finds joy in his long and dull day the dynamics change; the screen is filled with colour as it seems to explode with his emotions. This sensitive portrayal of dealing with loss is touching, as we seem to be witnessing Firth learning how to feel all over again.





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