The Dwarf, 1958

Bruce Davidson. I found his work when I was ambling through the library, and came across ’50 Photographers you should know.’ I’d seen this book before and almost bought it, and I must have skimmed over this page. Bruce Davidson. An amazing photographer. In the majority he’s known for photographing the oppressed; he worked through protests, poverty, gangs and the ‘hope filled masses gathering’ during Martin Luther King’s speech in 1963.

The task; find an image you like. Done. I love how ironic this piece is; a miserable clown? Yes, it’s been done many times but this is a truly honest portrait. The emotion in his face makes me keep searching round the rest of the image looking for even a tiny inkling as to why he looks so miserable. I searched everywhere for the name of the subject, no luck though. It’s taken from a series entitled ‘The Dwarf’. Davidson travelled around with the circus for the series. He gets so close to his subjects; he said in an interview that he kept in touch with this guy for years after, like most of them.  I’m definitely going to remember this guy’s name.


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